Mark Pryor has been so busy working for Obama, he´s forgotten he was elected to work for the people of Arkansas...
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“Let’s go out and work as hard as we possibly can for Barack Obama.”

- Mark Pryor


Why Does Mark Pryor...

  • Continue to support Obamacare?
  • Vote for Trillions in Debt?
  • Support Barack Obama’s Agenda 95% of the time?

Mark Pryor has Repeatedly Chosen Obama over Arkansas

Mark Pryor voted for Obamacare.

Roll Call Vote 396, 12/24/2009

Mark Pryor voted to raise the debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion.

Roll Call Vote 123, 8/2/2011

Mark Pryor voted for Dodd-Frank.

Roll Call Vote 162, 5/20/2010

Mark Pryor repeatedly voted against repeal of the Death Tax.

Roll Call Vote 146, 4/2/2009, Roll Call Vote 109, 3/23/07

Mark Pryor voted to spend tax dollars on the Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska.

Roll Call Vote 262, 10/20/2005

Mark Pryor voted for liberal budgets that increased taxes and spending.

Roll Call Vote 154, 2009-04-02, Roll Call Vote 85, 2008-03-14

Mark Pryor voted for Obama’s Cap and Trade Energy Taxes.

Roll Call Vote 116, 3/31/09

Mark Pryor voted for the Obama Stimulus bill.

Roll Call Vote 61, 2/10/2009

Mark Pryor voted to bail out Wall Street Banks.

Roll Call Vote 213, 10/1/2008

Mark Pryor voted against the Bush tax cuts.

Roll Call Vote 179, 5/15/2003

Obama is "showing great leadership"... "I think he's exactly what we need right now."

"Barack Obama has the leadership, he has the vision, he has the hope that this country needs right now."

"You can tell every person you see to go out and work hard and vote for Barack Obama"

"My sense is there is a destiny about Barack Obama."

Obama "is exactly the right guy for this moment in history"

Mark Pryor